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Athletes that have used Sports
Hypnosis and WON BIG!

Many well-known athletes have worked with highly trained hypnotists to achieve significant gains in their
personal performance, regardless of their sport, here are a few:

Michael Jordan
Probably the best basketball player of all time. He used hypnosis in his team the Chicago Bulls.


Jack Nicklaus
Elite top champion used hypnosis to improve his golf, for better eye, ball, and mind coordination.


Andre Agassi
The famous tennis player used hypnosis to win 17 gold masters. Energy, control, focus, strength and power
Rod Carew
This baseball player used hypnosis to make him one of the best players ever. He was able to visualize


Shaquille O’Neal
Excellent basketball player used hypnosis with the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant for better aim energy and skill.


Frank Bruno
Frank Bruno used hypnosis during his boxing career to focus on winning each fight